Get started with Shopware 6 in zero time

Find the right dockware version for you and get started with your Shopware 6 development

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Quick Start dockware #play with Shopware 6

All you need is

1. Start Docker
# run latest Shopware version
docker run --rm -p 80:80 dockware/play:latest

# run specific Shopware version
docker run --rm -p 80:80 dockware/play:6.3.0
2. Play with Shopware 6

...wait until you see further instructions and URLs.

Shopware 6 is ready - time to play!

SUCCESS - Shopware is now ready!
SHOP URL: http://localhost
ADMIN URL: http://localhost/admin
ADMINER URL: http://localhost/adminer.php
MAILCATCHER URL: http://localhost/mailcatcher

What's new in this version? see the changelog for further details
  • Troubles?
    Don't worry and see our FAQ page

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